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Muffins and a mea culpa

Okay, first I’ll do that really annoying thing bloggers do of saying: “I’m soooo sorry, I haven’t updated my blog in ages, I feel so gutted to have disappointed my adoring public but I’ve been so busy at work/I am working on another Mysterious And Very Important Project/my cat’s been poorly/the dog ate my memory stick”, in response to which the loyal readers scratch their heads and go: “I think she’s mistaking us for people who care.”

There. That’s got that out of the way.

Now for some muffins.

Savoury muffins and scones are probably the thing I most often bake (which is not saying much; baking is about as regular an affair as ironing in the TOE house) – they somehow feel much less guilt-inducing than sweet ones. And you can serve them with soup, and they’re so much more interesting than bread.

This is based on the only recipe I’ve ever cooked from Frances Bissell’s Entertaining. If the rest of the book is as easy and reliable, I am clearly missing out. Need to try harder….

Assemble your ingredients in three parts – the dry stuff:
350g flour (I use a mixture of wholemeal and white)
1tbsp baking powder (yes, you read that right – it doesn’t matter if it’s a little shy, I don’t bother measuring accurately anyway)
1tsp bicarb
Seasoning – I used salt, white pepper, mustard powder, nutmeg and a tad of chilli powder for these

The wet stuff:
250ml buttermilk (buttermilk, schmuttermilk – natural yoghurt is fine, or ordinary milk soured with a dash or vinegar, or, I daresay, not soured at all – live on the edge!)
3 eggs
5tbsp vegetable oil

The exciting stuff:
Grated courgettes or finely chopped, cooked spinach (I used the kale that keeps turning up in the veg box at this time of year – try as I might, I just don’t like the stuff). You could try using pumpkin or butternut squash too.
Cheese (I used a whole block of feta, crumbled with a fork, for these – recipes never tell you to use enough cheese. Grated cheddar would work fine too.)
Toasted pine nuts.
You can also throw in some finely chopped bacon.

Mix the ingredients separately, then mix the whole lot together, stirring as little as possible, spoon into oiled muffin tins and bake at 190°C for 25 minutes.


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